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24th January 17
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Computing Information and Updates



Mrs L Livesey Mrs L McMullen Mrs J Ravenscroft Mrs M Milnes

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Technical support



Enhancing learning through technology is important at Fulwood and Cadley and we have developed our access to technology in many ways. I-Pads are our most recent investment which support and enrich opportunities throughout all areas of the curriculum. The children are really benefiting from their enhanced learning experiences from using I-pads within their lessons and are having the most amazing time embedded and enriching their learning. 

The iPad in the classroom brings education to life. Children have endless access to valuable information such as a dictionary and thesaurus, which previously were only available in printed format. Interactive technology makes learning more engaging and memorable. Tools such as audio and video recorders can change the way that learning takes place and homework is completed.


The 360 degree safe self review tool is free to use and is intended to help schools review their online safety policy and practice. It provides:

  • Information and stimulus that can influence the production or review of e-safety policies and develop good practice.
  • A process for identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Opportunities for commitment and involvement from the whole school.
  • A continuum for schools to discuss how they might move from a basic level provision for e-safety to practice that is aspirational and innovative.

Benefit from 360 degree safe's features:

360 degree safe progress screenshot

• Encourage collaborative online use within your school.
• Receive immediate feedback and suggested actions to help   your progression.
• Log sources of evidence, comments and action points within   your account.
• Easily compile and print a wide range of reports.
• Compare and benchmark your responses with other  users of 
  the online tool.


Award winning Mathletics is the next generation in learning, helping students learn maths and improve their results. Mathletics covers all UK national curricula from KS1-5 including the Curriculum for Excellence.

Click on the logo to access Mathletics


Skoolbo is a great new site to assist primary school children with reading and maths. Skoolbo contains dedicated areas for children, parents and teachers. Children are immersed in a virtual learning world where they are motivated by the inbuilt rewards mechanisms to build their abilities. Parents and teachers are also equipped with an array of tools to help them to support their children to achieve wonderful educational outcomes

Safe search is a simple and safe internet search engine for families, children and pupils. Safe search allows children, parents & schools to create a custom search home page for their child to use and allows families to easily communicate by leaving custom messages.

Click on the title to access Safe Search